Snow joke!!

There was great excitement this morning when we had our first serious snowfall in quite a while.. Our garden took on a very different look, as you can see from the photos. It’s due a tidy-up before we start planting again for this year, so it was lovely to see last years’ plants get this little treat before we take them away to be composted and go on to help other plants grow next year..

Senior Infants doing their stuff!

We’re a GAS crowd, really!! We just LOVE everything…we REALLY do!! Reading………..writing………….our teacher, Ms. Ryan…and we just can’t resist havin’ the craic and a good oul’ laugh! Sure, WHERE would you be without it!!??

Hallelujah! We did it again!

Yes, indeed! This year, 5th and 6th Classes took part in the “Hallelujah Concert” for the third year in a row and, once again, it was a great success. Everyone went home singing after a great night out! Ms Lynn and Mr Lehmann did a great job preparing the girls for the occasion and we all got to hear their new medleys during our Christmas Concerts. We hope to hear them perform at a few more local events before the end of the year. CAN’T WAIT!!

Fr. Fergal’s hens go to school!


dscf3036dscf3041dscf3032Back in September, Fr. Fergal asked us if we would like to meet some of the new arrivals on his “farm” behind his house. How could we refuse?! So, one day, we fenced off a bit of our garden and he brought Mammy Hen and her little chicks over to see us… We had a great time looking at them and talking to them. At first, they were a bit anxious and scared but, after a while, they relaxed and started talking back to us! They made a little bit of a mess but we didn’t mind…Next year Fr. Fergal might put nappies on them!!

“Be afraid!!! Be VERY afraid!” – Hallowe’en 2008



Although it all happened nearly three months ago, it only seems like yesterday that all these scary characters came to school for a day! Many of them performed songs and poems in the hall and had parents and teachers shaking in their shoes and rocking in their socks! Luckily they didn’t come back the next day, so we were able to relax once again and get back to work… They weren’t all bad, though. They left us some money that we passed on to Temple Street Hospital for their “Trick or Treat” Campaign. We really hope that they’ll call to see us again next year!

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Back in the Game!

This morning, 5th and 6th Classes got back into the swing of things as they started back hurling after the long winter break. Mr. Lehmann and Jonny, our coach from Clanna Gael, put them through their paces. Keep at it girls and remember to get in some practice at the weekends!

St. Patrick’s GNS, Ringsend – Our New Website

Welcome to our new website! It went live on Wednesday, January 14th. We are really delighted with how it looks and are are all very excited about exploring the potential it holds towards enriching our shared journey in education  As time goes by we will slowly begin to appreciate the positive effects it will have on our everyday school/home/community life. Over the next few weeks, the teachers will be getting to grips with the workings of the site. We wish everyone well in this great new venture and would especially like to acknowledge the time and effort put in by Ian Roller from DISC, DIT in getting this project up and running.

“Sarah’s Garden” Opening – June 20th, 2008

Just to whet your appetite here is a photo slideshow of our garden opening that took place on June 20th!! It’s lovely, on these cold, wet, drizzly mornings to think back to a beautiful summer’s day last June when everybody worked together to celebrate Ringsend and the part that Sarah O’ Reilly played in the parish and its primary schools. It was officially opened by our neighbour John GormleyTD, Minister for the Environment and Local Government and blessed by Fr. Coady, the Chairperson of our Board of Management. Many members of Sarah’s family attended and her niece Cora paid tribute to Sarah on behalf of her family.

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