National Tree Week – 2009

[slideshow id=5]Today, we celebrated National Tree Week 2009 by planting two oak trees in our School Garden. Last year we planted 3 hazels, 2 whitethorns, 3 pines and 2 birch trees. Sadly the birch trees didn’t make it…we think they might have become too dry before we planted them. Anyway, last week, Paul, the head gardener from Ringsend Park told us that he would bring us two little oak trees to replace the birch trees and we could plant them some day this week. Well, today was the day!

At 11.30, Ms. Farren’s 3rd Class and 5th Class went to the garden to help Paul plant the trees. 3rd and 5th helped because they will soon be taking part in a project called “Incredible Edibles”, where they will grow some fruit and vegetables over the next few months and record all their work as

“Open Morning – 2009”

Happy to say, everyone had a great time today at our “Open Morning”! Our 6th Class girls were excellent ambassadors for the school and are a great credit to themselves, Mr Lehmann and their families..well done, girls!! Ms Sherry provided some lovely treats and Sr Brid made sure everything was spick and span! Someone demolished all the chocolate mallows, though…Mr Lynch is thinking of holding an investigation, cause there were none left for him! Everyone was mightily impressed by the work done in the Computer Room by Ms Farren’s and Ms McCaw’s Classes and, as for all the dancing done with Ms Carpenter and Ashling………………

…….that was just the business!!! A big “thanks” to all the teachers who welcomed everyone into their rooms and let them watch the girls eating their yummy pancakes and beavering away at their studies…

Snow joke!!

There was great excitement this morning when we had our first serious snowfall in quite a while.. Our garden took on a very different look, as you can see from the photos. It’s due a tidy-up before we start planting again for this year, so it was lovely to see last years’ plants get this little treat before we take them away to be composted and go on to help other plants grow next year..

Senior Infants doing their stuff!

We’re a GAS crowd, really!! We just LOVE everything…we REALLY do!! Reading………..writing………….our teacher, Ms. Ryan…and we just can’t resist havin’ the craic and a good oul’ laugh! Sure, WHERE would you be without it!!??