The Ark Art in Schools

We have been very lucky to be selected by the Ark to participate in The Ark, Art in Schools project. This means that every few weeks The Ark will deliver a piece of art to our school for our girls to appreciate.

The first installation was a painting called: ‘My Strange Fruit’ by Nickie Hayden.

Here are paintings that our Senior Infants painted after looking at a discussing the piece:

We got our new delivery on Friday morning of ‘Sheep’ by Olivia Musgrave.



Our girls have enjoyed the new addition to our school!

Special Class Update

Our school and the boys’ school submitted an application to the Department of Education in October 2019 asking to open special classes. This was granted before the summer and companies have now tendered for this project. The project consists of demolishing our shared PE hall then building 4 special classes (2 for the boys’ school and 2 for the girls’ school)  with a new PE hall on top. At present, both schools are considering and marking all the tenders for this project – and we hope to have this process finished this week. At present, we do not know the timescale for this project but it is likely to be 2 – 3 years. All updates re the project will be posted on both websites.