Try this link for general English exercises! Thanks to Hannah for suggesting it!
Spelling Work
Help with Writing
Using “Scoilnet” to Publish Your Work
Scoilnet……… the official education portal of the Department of Education and Science in Ireland. It contains curriculum focused resources and support for primary teachers. Within the site there is also the option to upload pupils’ work which can then be viewed by the public online. What better way of motivating and encouraging a child in the process of writing than having their work published online for classmates, family and friends to view.

Visit Scoilnet at

From the homepage, click on the Students tab and select Primary“.

Click on the Tell Us Your Story link.


Download & Install Open Office for Kids

Open Office for Kids can be downloaded at:

If this link shows a “Page not found (404)” error, click on the download link directly underneath this message to access the correct download webpage.

Select “Save File” to download and follow the instructions to install.

Click on the following link to view a video on how to download and install “Open Office for Kids“. The video will open in a new window.

How to Download and Install Open Office for Kids


Online Dictionaries

Literacy Work for everyone 4-11 year olds:
Online Talking Books
Online Story Texts
Some games for everyone!!
Junior Infants:
Senior Infants:
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:
6th Class:
How well do you know your homophones??? –
punctuation correctly and some synonyms of said! – http://www.ngfl-
How well do you know your synonyms??
A confusing words quiz – Test your spellings
How good are you at spotting mistakes in a piece of writing? –

Can you change these singular nouns into plurals? –

Here’s some irregular plurals, these are a little harder –

Connectives – putting sentences together –

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