Last year, we undertook our first School Self-Evaluation and prioritised “Numeracy” as the target area for attention. School self-evaluation is a structure to enable teachers, principals and management of schools to have a focussed conversation about teaching and learning in their own schools. It allows the opportunity to look at what is working well and what might need to be improved. School self-evaluation places emphasis on using solid evidence to inform the discussions that teachers have  about teaching and learning. As part of this evidence gathering, we carried out our surveys to seek your views and the girls’ views. The results of these surveys, combined with the evidence gathered from test results and our own professional discourse, helped us affirm what we felt was working well and then work, collaboratively, to address the areas that we felt we could improve on. Actions to address these areas are now incorporated into our School Improvement Plan for Numeracy. The link below provides a summary of the findings of our School Self Evaluation Report. While these represent particular findings at a particular time, we would like to reiterate that self-evaluation is an ongoing process and we are continuously striving to improve methods and standards to best serve the needs of the children of St. Patrick’s GNS and the whole school community.

Summary of School Self Evaluation findings