1. Wet Mornings

2. Birthdays

3. Footwear

4. Family Pets in the School Yard

5. Bikes, flikers, scooters

6.No Smoking


1. Wet Mornings

School Opens at 8.50. In the event that it is raining, we would ask everyone arriving before that time to go to the shed in the yard until the bell sounds for school opening.

2. Birthdays

In the interests of the girls’ education and minimising disruption during the working day, we don’t hold birthday parties in school. It is agreed that the frequency with which such parties would occur and the inference that both the anticipation of the party and the actual hosting of same can cause, would prove too distracting and time consuming to the girls’ education and their teachers’ work. We thank you for your understanding in this.

We would also ask that invitations to parties be distributed outside of school time, as, again, they are a huge distraction to the girls and often lead to obvious negative feelings for those not asked to particular events.

3. Footwear

As the school is housed over 3 floors, it is very important that we pay special attention to safety, especially on the stairs. There are signs on every floor carrying the following message:

On the stairs…at ALL times….!!…We WALK…….We DON’T TALK……We HOLD THE BANISTERS!!  Thank you.”

It is also extremely important that we pay special attention to what the girls wear on their feet, in order to minimise the risk of accidents. To this end, we ask that the girls wear solid, laced or strapped, shoes or boots, as part of their uniforms, and runners with their tracksuits. We kindly ask for your co-operation in this by not sending the girls to school in flimsy pumps, or slip-ons, which might be prone to falling off. We also fear that loose fitting, “Ugg”-style, boots can also be dangerous on the stairs. Thank you for your co-operation in endeavouring to make the school as safe a place as possible for all concerned.

4. Family Pets in the Schoolyard.

As we can never properly gauge the potential nervousness, particularly of some of our younger pupils, in the presence of strange animals, we would ask that all pets are kept outside of the school gates. While we understand that such animals might be very docile and friendly in their normal environment, it is important that we pay due consideration to the possible fears of any one of our pupils in confronting an animal, with which they are not familiar. We hope you understand and appreciate our concerns in this regard. Thank you.

5. Bikes, flickers and scooters..

While we are very happy to encourage the use of these to get to and from school and are happy to be able to provide a parking area for them, we do not accept responsibility for any lost, or stolen, property on the school grounds. We advise everyone storing a bike flicker or scooter in the yard during school time to get a lock and use it at all times. Thank you.

6.No Smoking.

There is a NO Smoking Policy in our school ground’s. Please reframe from smoking inside or at the front gates. Thank You