8.50 a.m: School Opens    ( Junior Infants enter first..)

The school opens to receive pupils at 8.50 am. The Board of Management cannot take responsibility for children before this time. Girls should line up in their appropriate Class Line. Please note that the front gate is open from 8.20 to facilitate those girls attending the Breakfast Club and to allow children in off the street, while awaiting the opening of the school. It is very important to stress that this time is “Waiting Time” and NOT “Play Time”!

10. 45 – 11.00 am:  Morning Break

12.35 – 1.00 pm:  Lunch

1. 30 pm: Junior & Senior Infant Home Time

It is very important, for safety and security reasons, that adults collecting pupils stay well behind the Red Line in the front yard. The girls will be released, individually, when the person/s collecting them can be seen, clearly, in the yard.

2.30 pm: Home Time for Classes 1st – 6th

1. Parents are asked to please respect the Parking Restrictions outside to help the Lollipop Lady in her work.

2. Family dogs should never be brought into the school grounds as many younger girls may be frightened by them.

3. It should also be noted that, as the school is a place of work, it is a “No Smoking Area”. This includes ALL areas inside the school gate.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.

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