Parental Complaints Procedure

From January 2024, primary schools have a new parental complaints procedure.

The Parental Complaints Procedure helps parents and teachers work together to solve grievances and complaints which can arise, from time to time, in schools. Based on principles of fair procedures, the intention at each stage is to provide an open and clearly defined process to facilitate parents/legal guardians in raising concerns about their own child/children in an agreed, fair and transparent manner, with a view to seeking an early resolution of the issue.


Stage 1 – parent/guardian meets with teacher, parent/guardian meets with principal, parent/guardian meets with chairperson.

If complaint not resolved

Stage 2 – written complaint sent to the chairperson, Chairperson provides a copy to the teacher, chairperson convenes meeting(s)

If complaint not resolved

Stage 3 – Chairperson makes a formal report to the Board of Management. Either the complaint is concluded or it will proceed to a hearing .

Stage 4 – Written decision from the Chairperson and the complaint is concluded.