“Be afraid!!! Be VERY afraid!” – Hallowe’en 2008

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Although it all happened nearly three months ago, it only seems like yesterday that all these scary characters came to school for a day! Many of them performed songs and poems in the hall and had parents and teachers shaking in their shoes and rocking in their socks! Luckily they didn’t come back the next day, so we were able to relax once again and get back to work… They weren’t all bad, though. They left us some money that we passed on to Temple Street Hospital for their “Trick or Treat” Campaign. We really hope that they’ll call to see us again next year!

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2 thoughts on ““Be afraid!!! Be VERY afraid!” – Hallowe’en 2008”

  1. carly w says:

    HALLOWEEN was so much fun.There were many spooky costumes in the school and there was lots of princesses there to.I had a great feeling but what made the feeling even better was that it was for a great cause.I hope next year temple street raise as much monney as they did at HALLOWEEN to help sick and injured children all over dublin.db71

  2. Nicole Meier says:

    i miss the school so much im only going into second year this year and it feels like forever since the last time i lined up in the front yard or at the end of lunch more than likely after a big fight moaning if some one skipped me in the line or on a Friday doing art and at the end of the day saying my prayers and saying slan to all the teachers oh i really wish we had not have taking all that for granted miss you all
    Zara Doyle
    Nicole Meier 🙂

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